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The Quantum Wave is Crashing!

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Greetings! Welcome to my Quantum Leap! This is my notice of a new adventure — a quantum blogel experience!

This new blogel (blog-novel) encapsulates all the others created as real time experiments anticipating real time collaborations enabled by Web 3.0 Quantum Computing.

Location is everything! What makes this blog a completely new experience is the integration into my newly launched Wix website. This placement truly makes my past and future devotion to the marriage of text and image fresh and alive in the present. The technology provided by Wix allows me to focus on disseminating my literary arts by way of a digital portfolio

Yet, what is truly alive about this experience is taking my ongoing analysis of fame in the 21st century to a new level. This blog will apply my vision of a mass collective awakening to a newly conceived role for public figures As the Aquarian vibrations filter into the collective.

I will be dissecting celebrity in accordance with my deconstructionist training. Breaking down the word celebrity, you get cele, the root of celestial — of the stars. The apparatus of astrology/numerology to interpret celebrity in accordance with the stars is an extension of the Science of Magic delivered into continental philosophy as hermeneutics in my doctoral dissertation referencing the astrological cycles:

Stay tuned for my first post!

It will be the 03 August Aquarius Full Moon, directly overhead in EDT.

This will be a live demonstration of my Quantum Astro Analysis of a Major Public Figure under scrutiny ...who happens to be an Aquarian born the day after me!

In the meantime, enjoy my new website, which brings my three-decade GESAMTKUNSTWERK into a showcase of Self-realization.

All is needed now is the Observer/Participant!


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