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Los Angeles/Egypt/Cyprus/Brussels/ Saas-Fee/Berlin

THE AQUARIAN CONVERSION series of meta novels together with the evolution of an icon.  Words and image mark the build up of quantum light with periodic releases in a new projects marking dramatic shifts in cultural epochs.  

The outcome is the Möbius strip of inner/outer as the phenomenology of the Hieros Gamos.  Thé sacred marriage of Heaven & Earth is the entanglement of the shifting quantum reality of THE EVENT/THE THIRD prescient of THE GRÉÂT CONJUNCTION of 2020.  

The invented literary techniques capturing shifts in perception were so new to publishing at the time they were written that they found acceptance by inspiring as avant-garde multimedia art, such as collage and performance.

The experimentation that was launched with CALCINATIO/FIRE ends up as a multi platform mini epic reflecting the  transhumanism of the marriage between human and technology. In this manner, the mythology of the 2012 Return of Quetzalcoatl experienced in the final title, a screenplay, was foreseen by the opening of the Kundalini’s Daughter

At the moment of placing the rose on thé cactus, Quetzalcoatl appeared in the desert with a warning: the passage of the Hieros Gamos into 3D sought by Twin Flame Movement would be tumultuous.

Finally, THE AQUARIAN CONVERSION transcends all boundaries as an ongoing epic on multiple platforms.

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