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New Media impresario Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld has pioneered a new modernist aesthetic sourced in the hieros gamos since her 1983 Kundalini awakening informed by her father’s pioneering research.  After her literary debut (Champagne Tango), her dedication to incorporating quantum physics into experimental literature resulted in a three-decade  GESAMTKUNSTWERK (1986-2019) incorporating image/text.  The development of the Third, a gender-balanced art theory in her cultural criticism culminated in her Huff Post Arts (R)EVOLUTION  SERIES (2010-2017) tracking the 21Stcentury icon around the globe.  In her New York avant-garde experiments, she pioneered a techne/poesis/cosmos praxis inventing the blogel (The Alchemy of Love, 2007-2008) and streaming quantum embodiment performance  (The Hieros Gamos Trilogy 2005-2010).  Relocating to Europe in 2012,  she chronicled a gender-balanced  collaborative philosophy  in the European Graduate School Media Lab for her master’s thesis (Hermeneutics of New Modernism, 2014) and the eclipse of the Kundalini  in continental philosophy  for her doctorate (magna cum laude, 2016).  Her dedication to THE SAAS-FEE EVENT announced in HuffPost Arts (9/9/14) culminated in The Science of Magic as theorem for a new organic/electronic art form reflecting the interior/exterior Möbius strip of a sentient quantum reality (ISEA 2020).  A member of AICA USA since 2000, she has written over 700 art pieces for outlets ranging  from mainstream newspapers and avant-garde journals to blogs.  In the 2020s, she continues her dedication to a global disclosure of hidden Cypriot inter-gender  relics, exposing the Aphrodite Coverup in an assignment for Switch (On Paper). 

About Lisa Streitfeld: About Me
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