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The burning quest for transcendence catalyzes the protagonist’s submergence into metaphysical study.  This chapter of her alchemical story opens in the air.  She becomes enthralled in flight on her way to Los Angeles to work as a Hollywood script analyst at the start of the GOGO eighties.  Living below the Hollywood sign, the narrator finds herself at the center of a shift from the high concept big budget movie to the rise of independent film.  

With her independent lifestyle, New Age Los Angeles offers unlimited vehicles for spiritual development. The new focus is recording the converge of inner/outer experience marked by synchronicity pioneers a new literary form in which the archetypes on her journey are externalized in the tarot cards introducing the chapters of her spiritual passage of kundalini awakening.  

The shift into quantum reality is demonstrated by the nonlinear narrative; the opening and closing of the text are presented in the cinematic form of the screenplay.  The preface reveals the triumph in which the once aspiring novelist has transformed into auteur — the writer and actor, as well as director and producer, of her own life script.