Aquarius Rising



In capturing  the zeitgeist, AQUARIUS RISING rides the quantum wave of Uncertainty into the Technological Age with its ever-expanding digital networks.  The atmosphere of exploration and freedom of experimentation can be appreciated by the post-Covid leap into Kairos in which past, present and future converge.



This quantum form of meta fiction foresaw digital layering of text when it was initiated in 1983.  Experimentations with literary form create an aliveness of character and place;   this makes the meta novel an authentically novel experience transforming the erotic play of sexual attraction into a burning quest for transcendence.  The submergence of the text into metaphysics foresaw the ready access to secret knowledge provided through digital links and widespread use of symbols by the Twin Flame Movement across the Internet today.

The series was launched with Champagne Tango (1984), continued with Astara is Born (1988) exploring New Age LA and Wolf in the Bottle (1992) propelling a deeper plunge into the psyche via metaphysical studies.

These novels are set in a specific time and particular place encapsulating an era: Buenos Aries at the onset of AIDS restricting the sexual freedom breaking free from the restrictions of dictatorship; Hollywood during the GoGo 1980s of the high concept film; and Los Feliz in the sobering r“keeping it real” shift to fin de siècle inner growth.   



This trilogy moves from autobiographical fiction into narrative nonfiction for an inside/out pursuit of the quest for the holistic Twin Flame Experience.  Beginning with the catalyst for the pursuit of the Hieros Gamos in the literature of Margaret Fuller, the mother of American literature in Woman of the 21st Century: Journey to the Hieros Gamos, the series continues with an experiment in holistic structure with Anatomy of an Icon and concludes with with Twin Flames, Soul Mates & the Questwith C



This trilogy smashes boundaries between literary categories — as well as the separate humanities disciplines of science, philosophy, archeology and religion.  The titles reveal the progression from the historical figure of Margaret Fuller in active pursuit of the hieros gamos to the formulation of this emergent icon as an art theory and gender-balanced philosophy birthed in the Media Lab of European Graduate School chronicled in Dr. Streitfeld’s Hermeneutics of New Modernism (Atropos Press, 2014).