STILLNESS is written in the lineage of Kundalini pioneering researchers, is a bible of feminine awakening for the 2020s. Dr. Streitfeld delivers in three volumes of practical knowledge based on personal experience of being a human Möbius strip reflecting the Hieros Gamos embodiment manifested externally in the environment.



MAY 2020

This text presents the ten principles of the Science of Magic developed in three decades of alchemical experiments evolving the personal embodiment of the quantum leap.


August 2020

These Six Golden Rules have secured the passage for countless individuals overcoming the negative archetypes holding humanity back from the paradigm shift.


June 2021

This text interprets and applies the ancient technology of the Descent of Inanna Mythology disclosed in cuneiform unearthed from the Fertile Crescent.  The ancient rite of passage in perfect rhythm with the exacting transit of Venus is revealed for the first time by Dr. Streitfeld who has been on the passage of conscious embodiment into the cyclical paradigm for the past twenty years. The reader is invited into this ongoing beauty rite as participant in a contemporary inner passage of embodiment of the Aquarian

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