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The Event/The Third

“Speculative Realist (Found) Objects & the Ontology of Desire: Montreal, Cyprus and Berlin” entered the art museum by way of “Welcome to MIT Playtest” on May 16, 2019.

L’Objet Speculatif: Work
Bridge (Lost Bride Series 2006) by Lisa

Lost Bride

Connecticut, Italy & Mexico 1999-2006

This series was inspired by the purchase of an antique bridal gown in the thrift shop of the Stamford Historical Society. The discovery coincided with my research of the Lost Bride of the gospels through the writing of Margaret Starbird who came to town to give a talk in 1997 about her discovery which inspired the global phenomenon of The Da Vinci Code.

Red Shoes

Cyprus 2015

Seventeen years after l’objet trouve  in the form of the satin bridal gown, I had a dream as I was preparing to depart from my Berlin apartment of setting aside a pair of red shoes to take with me.  Shortly after, l’objet trouve appeared in the form of a pair of authenticated Playboy Bunny slippers in the window of a neighborhood consignment shop. 

“Church Door, Kalio Chorio, Cyprus, 2015
“Objet Trouve: SLUT” Gay Village, Montre


Gay Village, Montreal 2019

“SLUT” was discovered behind Cabaret Berlin on my block in Gay Village, Montreal.  Taking up this new addition to my collection of aptly timed Objet Trouve synchronicities, I created a new series for the Objet Speculative Project, the complementary opposition to Red Shoes as accessories for the Lost Bride of Abrahamic religion sourced in Cyprus as the Hieros Gamos embodiment of the two faces of Venus: Morning and Evening Star.

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