Wolf in the Bottle


The third phase of the alchemical transformation is the containment of the divine fire.  This process is enacted with a double Scorpio actor in the protagonist’s new home in the Los Feliz section of Hollywood.  The transition of the ethnic neighborhood from old world anachronism into the newly hip is mirrored in the meta literary journey.  

As the emotions deepen from powerful healing work, the narrative plunges deep into alchemical wisdom. The tarot cards marking spiritual progress in the former text give way to alchemical symbols and rites.  The synchronicities are now magical passages into the other side.  For example, the internal struggle to contain the wolf & focus the rising kundalini in the alembic to birth the new Self, the infans solaris, is reflected outwardly in the plight of the actor suffering an attack of uncoagulated bleeding.  

Will the magical attraction of this double Scorpio and Aquarius seeking the unnamed icon of the Hieros Gamos bring them together as companions on the quest for the mysterium conjunctum? There is only one way to find out!