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In the final Sublimatio phase before the transcendence of the quintessential element, the writer shifts from meta fiction to a new form of quantum narrative in which nonfiction narrative leaves incredulous gaps for mythical penetration. 

The myth is Psyche & Eros.  The love affair with the world renowned art star is precipitated by an attack in the Mexican desert just as the seeker was placing a rose on a cactus to create the ultimate image in her Lost Bride Series of photographs reflecting the prophecy of Margaret Starbird of the return of the sacred marriage partner: “when a rose blooms in the desert.”  She returns to New York to express her newfound containment in a new profession as art critic for the local newspaper. 

Embarked on a new challenge of Möbius strip inner/outer containment, she finds herself as a conduit for the collective consciousness.  Forging through any and every opening to extract the gold of a newly emerging icon, given the name Hieros Gamos by prophets, her task as alchemist is now externalized in the outer world. 

As avatar, her uncompromising reappraisal of stifling dichotomies — left/right brain, male/female, even fiction and reality — places her on the mystical trail of her father, Kundalini research pioneer.  En route, she becomes the conduit delivering an Aquarian Age mythology requires a new literary invention. 

This multimedia project reflects the leaps of digital technology of the turn of the millennium — combining word/image with meta prose, reviews with a contemporary reworking of the myth of Psyche & Eros.  The blog takes up where the text of the same name leaves off — the journey through the synchronicities to seek the Hieros Gamos in bold new millennial forms of art as well as everyday life.

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