On this blog, I have been writing a series of posts detailing the astrology of certain prominent celebrities caught under the collapsing quantum wave predicted by Wolfgang Pauli as the Emergence site of the 21st Century Icon of the Hieros Gamos.

I just finished tracking my own personal quantum wave collapse into particle in my Fortnight of Quantum Change (FOQC) when I was hit with the news on 30 January of the death of SOPHIE, the futuristic multimedia artist who emerged in 2018 as the face of the Transgender Movement.

And what a face! Absolutely riveting in cheekbone structure and ethereal beauty emanated from the eye that are glimpses into Heaven on Earth.

The pop star Sophie created the visual archeology of the ontology of the SELF for thé Âge of Aquarius with the Sun rising on a new astrological age ruled by the icon of the Hieros Gamos marriage of opposites.

The gift of a new Tarot card of the Hieros Gamos crystallized under the Leo Full Moon forecast a Uranian event to come over the course of this crucial lunation ...


Sophie’s SELF-created image of being struck by lighting was prescient of her sudden rise to global Superstar. This is projected outside in/inside out ‘your inside is your best side’ by way of her electrified progressed Mars in Aquarius conjunct the transiting Sun/Saturn/Jupiter square transiting Uranus/Mars conjunction at her death.

Sophie Xeon was born on September 17, 1986 Glasgow, two years after music changed forever due to the introduction of the Music Video and the electrifying ascent of Prince, the multimedia wonder made for the eighties superstar zeitgeist. With the genius of Prince setting an unbeatable royal standard of DYI that would thrive in the digital era, selling an image it’s the potential of commercial offers became more important than the music.

Initiated into the electrifying atmosphere of the rising vibrations of the eighties by way of attending raves with her father, Sophie announced to her parents she was going to be an electronic composer and producer at the âgé of eleven. However, her initiation into the music world was becoming a party DJ and then a producer. It wasn’t until 2013 that her first single Nothing Extra To Say came out. A year later, this was followed by a second launch, Bipp, compiled with a stream of other tracks on Product in 2015.

The cynical title reflects the speed at which artistic production becomes mere product in the music industry. The superior image of the creator lurking behind the scenes is reflected in the T-Square challenge in Sophie’s natal horoscope (time unknown): the Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter squaring Uranus.

The instantaneous Star developed from years of patiently developing a craft of futuristic musical vibration is the signature in this horoscope. This journey towards the iconic image reflects the ontology inscribed in the meta novel Astara is Born I was writing in Hollywood at the time. The literal quest for 15 minutes of fame in literary prose morphing into screenplay is to create a hybrid form in which fame is a process lasting beyond a lifetime — into eternity,

The mutable T-Square with the nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius squaring Neptune highlighted by the 12 December 2020 Solar Eclipse is exactly conjunct Sophie’s natal Uranus rising in the East at the time of her death (see bi-wheel below)...

...along with an extremely tight fixed T-Square comprising an Aquarian stellium with an EXACT Uranus opposed Sophie’s natal Pluto/Venus conjunction, symbolizing the abyss she fell into will reaching for the iconic Leo Moon of the century.

Yet another clear sign of a dramatic, tragic fall was the transiting Sun/Saturn conjunction in her progressed Mars in Aquarius at 7 Aquarius (the same very same sign and degree of m’y progressed Mars which keeps me away from any ledges or rooftops).

This was the perfect cosmic alignment for a dramatic fall from earthly limitation of the body (the very body which made Sophie the pop star) into the eternal fame of the icon encapsulating a zeitgeist. True to Sophie’s decades of carefully crafted quantum boundary smashing, the fall was the essential precursor to her sudden leap to fame as a precognition made into ontology through her multimedia art.

In death, Sophie completed the epic of Self-actualization of the first authentic icon of the 21st century reflecting the zeitgeist of the Aquarian Age. Ironically, this is due to the very identity of the transgender that kept her stunning image behind the techno curtain from which she pulled the levers of a new sound.

In 2017, she came out from behind the curtain as a Transgender woman with a startling video “It’s OK to Cry” as the Trans anthem. The message here is not that you need to transition into female to cry, but that vulnerability (Pisces Moon) is essential to creating the passage to the Self, even if the passage is digital (the square to Uranus in Sagittarius).

This momentous quantum leap into the future as NOW reaches its fullness under the Mars entrance into Gemini under the June Eclipse triggering a Yod in Sophie’s horoscope with her Venus/Pluto sextile Neptune in Capricorn — the depths she went into the future of art.

The six months between the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses — December to June — is the crucial quantum leap into the new culture brining the future into the present, defined by the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter.

The potentiality of reconstructing the ontology of celebrity as Mobius strip correlation of inner/outer and as above/so below was the focus of my last question posed (below) to the I Ching in my FORTNIGHT OF QUANTUM CHANGE experiment launched at the New Moon.

The potentiality of reconstructing the ontology of celebrity as a Mobius strip correlation of inner/outer reflecting ‘as above/so below‘ required a synchronicity in pop culture reflecting my personal quantum leap of my online quantum experiment.

Clearly it wasn’t me going viral to become an overnight celebrity with 15 minutes of fame constructed over 3 decades ... then what would be the essential Uranian flash of celebrity reflecting this time labored process behind the immediacy of the collective quantum leap?

The ontology of a new Aquarian (the time labored craft of Saturn with the electrical immediacy of Uranus) construction of FAME replacing the Andy Warhol manufactured celebrity returns the word to its roots — ‘cele‘ meaning celestial.

The Sun in Aquarius triggering the Great Conjunction under the Leo Full Moon reconstructs the ontology of celebrity for the new cultural era of gender equality personified by Sophie.

FORTNIGHT OF QUANTUM CHANGE formally ended when I posted this image on INSTAGRAM on January 31 ...

The oracle foretold that the inner conflict regarding the Uncertainty over the outer projection of the inner resolution of the fame conflict (Mars/Taurus dematerializing the process) as embodiment of the Hieros Gamos (Sacred Union) in the Leo Full Moon ♌️🌝opposing the Saturn🪐/Jupiter/Sun 🌞♒️ in Aquarius.

The death chart of the pop star reveals her quest to externalize the internal marriage of opposites by capturing an image of the Moon, présumably for her next vidéo project. This completion of the FOQC construction of a ‘celestial’ ontology of celebrity reflects the Aquarius Sun triggering the Great Conjunction under the Leo Full Moon. The digital traces of Sophie’s passage into Pop Star reflects my millennial prescription for Overcoming the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: collaborative, interactive and embracing the dark abyss of Uncertainty.

The death chart if Sophie in Athens reveals the nodes across the horizon with the Part of Fortune in the 8th House of Death ruled by the Moon in the 9th House opposing Mercury in Aquarius the 3rd House. This is just about the clearest indicator of eternal fame there could be in a horoscope.

Leaving the body that made her the transgender icon, the South Node Rising in Sagittarius, the sign of Truth, reinforced by the Mercury Station in Aquarius opposing the Moon.

Sophie died in her quest to capture the phenomenology of this reconstructed ontology of celebrity — 15 minutes extending into eternity.

She gets her wish, expressed in this eccentric exchange with Sophie the Robot, the celebrity she aspires to become,,.

Sophie is outlived by Sophia the Robot as this Dazed video of an eerie prescient exchange reveals her wish as archeology of a new ontology of fame rpthat will be forever associated with Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom.

See my other two posts on SOPHIE whose iconic image and art reflects my FORTNIGHT OF QUANTUM CHANGE process of sealing the tapestry of my 3 decade GESAMTKUNSTWERK launched at the time of Sophie entering an Earth body:

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