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FINDING FREEDOM: The Devil in the Details

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family officially by royal reporters Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie, has the devil’s hand in it, like everything branded by Meghan Markle.

The details are so precise, so self-assured, so intimate and private...there is only one way to read the book and have it be authentic: with a diligent eye that can make the proper corrections to the text.

Here's what I did to a random sample:

Here is the corrected version without the marks:

Now, doesn’t that make more sense?

Maybe I just got lucky. I will try again with another random paragraph.

Here it is with the proper edits:

Still not convinced? Let’s apply the same process to one of the most intimate scenes in the book:

How liberating Finding Freedom reads with the real author exposed!

The Devil certainly is in the details. Translated into enlightened Astro speak (as opposed to Meghan Markle “woke” speak), this means Saturn had the controlling hand in this book.

I predicted on Joseph Magi’s YouTube channel, where Meghan inevitably shows up as the devil incarnate, that there would be a book this year as the crest of her finding freedom ride, following by her plunge back into obscurity.

See the red lines forming a triangle. This is known as a T-Square.

The two malefics, Mars and Saturn, are in a tense square. Mars in its fall (Cancer) in the 12th house is the manipulator behind the scenes, while Saturn is exalted in Libra in a tight conjunction with Moon and Jupiter in the Third House, ruling media. This the unique combination they made the potential of the Royal Union, the Hieros Gamos image of a higher love projected in their high profile wedding.

First the desire to express Justice: the placement of Saturn (the Devil) between the Moon and Jupiter. The heavy red lines to the topmost part of the chart, the Midheaven, reveal the tension between the ego attachment to the constant feeding and caring of the SJW mask — Meghan’s calculated ladder ascending to the social heights of Neoliberalism — by which she feels (Moon) she can control (Saturn/Jupiter) the media (Third House). The manipulation this requires from behind the scenes is revealed in the tense square from her 12th House Mars.

By her own admission, Meghan grew up in a television set. The belief she could curate her own life as the narrator of her own love story was deeply ingrained in her psyche — by of her attachment to her devoted father, a lighting designer who shone her in the best light.

Narrating one’s own story through another’s authority is the game Diana played over 20 years ago, which got her naked ambition hunted down by the media pack until she was killed. Meghan’s inner Devil is externalized by a latter day Diogenes nipping at her heels — an older and wiser Leo with the underworld authority speak the truth about the quest for eternal freedom from responsibility:

This is all about money....this is also about how Meghan and... Harry, want to become King and Queen of the universe in the charity world in the whole of the world and they want to do it without any constraints that are imposed upon members of any royal family,” said Lady Colin Campbell.

Meghan and Harry: The Real Story offers a fascinating bird’s eye view of the dark side of fame from an authority on the subject. Having been pulled into tabloids fodder by her devious aristocrat husband out to make a quick buck, Lady C. was forced into the underworld journey. The story of how she overcame the betrayal of her new husband capitalizing on the notoriety of her sex change reveals the depth internal examination essential to navigate fame in the era of social network.

“Lady C. AstroPortrait 2020 by Lisa Streitfeld” reveals the two faces of fame, reflecting the Underworld journey of a stint on “I’m a Celebrity....” which made the gender switching aristocrat, born George William Ziadieher, a household name in the U.K....sans lighting designers. become both bi-sex observer & participant in the quantum wave crashing on the celebrity culture of the post-postmodern dynamism of opposites (Lady C. Charts from

As revealed above, with transiting Pluto on her Jupiter Return positioned on Meghan’s descendent, Lady C. is stripping away the veil to reveal the behind the scenes fame-seeking manipulative games. Her fascinating gender-bending autobiography reveals her own trial by fire that has made her A Life Worth Living a book worth reading!

Stay tuned for my Full Moon posting, when I explain the role of the mystical configuration of the Yod played Meghan’s transformation from bit actress/spokesmodel into world famous Neoliberal Social Justice Warrior...

...resulting in the Finding Freedom gravitation pull of the celebrity undertow of the crashing quantum wave.

“I am completely horrified that anyone could have promulgated such a farce upon the British people...and has done it with the flagrantly of Meghan Markle,” Lady C concludes (46.00). “She has literally spat in the face of the British people.“ Find me on PATREON.

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