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Linked, Ranked & Mirrored: The Megxit Boomerang

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

The 2020 Pisces Full Moon brings both the light and shadow cast by Megxit into high relief... way of the transformation of the miraculous Yod that brought them together into a tough karmic Boomerang...

The AstroPortrait digital collage of the Pisces Full Moon (EDT) Ascendent in Cancer (7 degrees) matched up with Meghan’s natal horoscope Ascendent Cancer (24 degrees). The Markle media backlash under the Pisces Full Moon highlighting Markle’s perfectionist Venus in Virgo reveals what happens when the divine promise of a Finger of God configuration (Yod marked in green with the apex of transiting Neptune highlighted in green) is activated by transit (the Full Moon marked in red highlighting Markle’s perfectionist Venus in Virgo). The new configuration, a boomerang, is how the misused/manipulated energies of a carefully curated image shatter into a thousand pieces.

My Medium post on the 2018 Royal Wedding deconstructed the global appeal of the Hieros Gamos icon projected onto the biracial royal wedding.

The number of guests as Signifier of a Royal Union: 6 is the number of the Hieros Gamos (sacred marriage) of inner and outer symbolized by the conuinctio of Luna & Sol under a solar eclipse.

Yet, an astrological analysis of the Sussex composite (marriage) horoscope reveals a crucial reality. The only way the promise of the six union could have survived the test was if the shared value (Venus in Libra) of service (Sixth House) became the public focus (Venus in harmonious trine to the 2020 Saturn station on the Midheaven). The chart reveals that this mutual love for human service would have carried them through the challenges of 2020.

The Sussexes ”boxed in“ by the tension of the four cardinal angles representing every aspect of life in Earth (self, relationship, career and home) is a test of authenticity as they settle into their Montecito mansion..

The September Mars station in the First House of the Sussex composite (marriage) horoscope reveals their insurmountable obstacles as the red lines boxing them into their relentless addictive swerve between power & powerlessness. This duo becomes the poster couple exhibiting the challenging square and oppositions defining the turmoil of 2020 for those who refuse to become still over a sustained period to do the inner work..

Instead, we have an imminent stripping of the Sussex titles by the Queen after they bolted from the public pressure of the royal couple under the media spotlight. They left without a workable plan and have been flagrantly using their titles in a desperate attempt to lift them out out of the Shadow cast by negative Karma. They make a show of lurching from one career option to another....As if they are teenagers with the world as their oyster with a deluded but benevolent parent indulging their every whim.

Here is the key. Harry & Meghan have the Eris discovery point rising in their composite chart (above). Together they are reach their individual potential of destructiveness.

This Full Moon finally brings the outsized narcissistic ambition of the hapless prince and his showgirl into clarity through the transparency of Meghan’s manufactured media.

Creating the image of a royal court complete with afternoon tea with the revealing signifier: no tea!

Linked, ranked and mirrored: the timeless image created by the Markle media strategy funded by Meghan’s Mirror is undermined by the need to check the cellphone.

The body language in the couple’s recent video reveals Meghan shoving her partner out of the picture in her post-Sussex career as a woke Hollywood politico.

Markle Boomerang effect: The YouTube examination of this newest Markle media artifact has led to the shadow media taking a stand in proclaim CaliforniaHarry a double with bad teeth and sleazy energy.

Why a California double? The need to prolong the media image of the newly emerging icon of the Hieros Gamos in a disastrous marriage that cost the taxpayers 30 million.

However, rather than the promise of the return of the sacred marriage of Luna and Sol...

This AstroPortrait of the Harry & Meghan composite horoscope with a photo of theIr UK lookalikes has the signifier of a far more serious royal scandal.

...we have a Full Moon highlighting the shadow speculation of this royal marriage has become a media hoax.

Check out Joseph Magi YouTube channel where Meghan typically appears as the Devil in his tarot readings.

The Science of Magic apparatus of the Yod used to uncover the “Paul is Dead” media hoax of the 20th century is being used for an exhaustive analysis of the “Sussex Third.”

Support this project to bring Megxit into theory!

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