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Literary impresario.  Deconstructionist cut-up. Performance artist inventing quantum publishing. Boundary-smashing multimedia curator.  Pioneering scholar originating discipline-smashing technologies for the universal dissemination of a holistic ontology.  

The quest for the mysterium conjunctum fueling the creation of the Great Work did not fit into any existing form of literature.  This had to be invented from the towering sacred marriage of word & image exhibited as sculpture. The result is the Philosopher’s Stone of the Aquarian passage into the 21st century icon. 


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In a breakthrough 2021 article in the International Journal of Recent advances in Physics​, Dr. Streitfeld introduces a hexagonal-based measurement apparatus. The experiment culminates in a quantum object production. The experiment testing quantum wave collapse was inaugurated under Covid19 quarantine. Leong Yijing methodology informed the production of the measurement. The apparatus uses the logic of Chance, applying it to produced social media phenomenology commemorating the 83rd solar return of Wolfgang Pauli’s prophetic dream. In keeping with the predictive timing within the dream, the throw of coins outcome was confirmed by the biorhythms of the cosmos: the wave collapse taking place on the 24th anniversary of the January 23, 1997 Seal of Solomon alignment between Heaven & Earth. This repetition of cyclic timing reflects the physicist’s vision of the hexagonal structure of the hieros gamos icon arising from under the wave collapse. This birth of the Third produces an ontology of the quantum object and an understanding of the autonomy of number as unifying energy and matter.

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GESAMTKUNSTWERK @hieroshiva was launched in a multimedia experiment in the Lab Gallery in Manhattan in 2007.  The Alchemy of Love in Five Elements (Jan 2007- Jan 2008) was a five part exhibition sourced in literary experiments of three decades producing a storehouse of material exhibited in various forms: rejection letters in the window (Calcinatio), images projected over a bathtub (Solutio), art (Coagulatio), sculpture (Sublimatio) as phenomenology of the sacred marriage of Heaven & Earth (Hieros Gamos).

The result of this experiment was the invention of the blogel (blog novel) in which the timing of publishing is in the control of the creator, thereby utilizing astrology as apparatus for hermeneutics. With this techne of the sentient establishing a crucial phenomenology of correspondances between Heaven & Earth, a resurrection of the divine feminine was born.  Utilizing new keywords (Blogel, hermeneutics, hieros gamos) global dissemination from midtown Manhattan onto the World Wide Web rode the (R)EVOLUTION (2011) greatly expanded its network with Huffington Post Arts (R)EVOLUTION (2010-2017).  

The quest for contextualization in the global culture led to the European Graduate School Media Lab fast track.  Hermeneutics of New Modernism (Atropos Press, 2014), produced a new blog of the same title to announce and track the evolution of SAAS-FEE THE EVENT:THE THIRD (2014).  New blogs were created to contextualize the experiment in theory, study with Giorgio Agamben (THE CONTEMPORARY) and Boris Groys (GESAMTKUNSTWERK).

Subsequently, the SELF-revelation of astrology as a secret apparatus was revealed an increasingly refined Möbius strip fashion: Missing James Franco (2015), Excavating the Treasure (2016), Marrying Cyprus (2017) and 9000 Seeds (2018). With full disclosure, several blogs were born at once: Hieros Gamos Journal  (2019), 

Hieroshiva (2019) and STILLNESS: Kundalini Handbook (2020).  

This network can accessed as a whole right here, through the click of the buttons. ENTRANCE or EXIT...the outcome is the the passage to the HIEROS GAMOS.  You will certainty get lost.  This is expected.  Just remember to enjoy the passage because no matter where you end up, the destination is always the same...

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“The Event: The Third” 2012-2021

Delivered at PHY2022 International Conference of recent advances in Physics in June 2022, this paper was the culmination of a quantum journey devoted to tracking the phenomenology of the hieros gamos icon of the Third from the collective unconscious into collective consciousness.  Dr. Streitfeld's role as chair on the second day of the conference served as closure to a lifelong quest as the Aquarian daughter of the founder of the 1960s Human Potential Movement.

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The Crashing Wave


Cross-Disciplinary Essays on 21st Century Art (1992-2017)

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Presentation at "Critica del Arte: Crisis & Renovacion" 21-23 Junio, 2018, Museo Reina Sof

Congreso Internacional Crítica de Arte: Crisis y Renovación, Reina Sofia, Madrid (June 2018)

“La hermenéutica del nuevo modernismo: el tecer trans/genero de Hermes" 
"The Hermeneutics of New Modernism: Trans/Gender Third of Hermes”

The Trans/Gender Third of Hermes is sourced in the discovery of archeological artifacts culminating a two decade search for a new modernism evoking a balance between the gender opposites.  In the second part, Dr. Streitfeld reveals how she pushed criticism to the edge through her experimentation with Internet applications in pursuit of "real time" collaboration in cyberspace. The paper concludes with images of the Trans/Gender icons in pop culture figures and recent art delivering a new understanding of collaboration/interactivity.

Bride and Salt
Lisa Streitfeld performing the opening ritual
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Dr. Streitfeld with her Objet Speculativ Project at Playtime opening of Media in Transitio
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Quantum Leap

The pursuit of a quantum literature as Möbius strip capturing the EVER-PRESENT NOW spans nearly four decades. The Kundalini Awakening catalyzed the prima materia for an alchemical quest to transform lead (fear of publishing) into literary gold. This ongoing literary praxis fueled the desire to create a corpus embodying the complementary opposites.  The sacred marriage of the masculine (word) and feminine (image) reflection of the ontology of the ever-present icon of the Hieros Gamos to be later disclosed in Cyprus as a material 
Art-I-Fact of the Third.

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The theorem behind THE GREAT WORK springs from within as the infans solaris gestating under the spiral dress of Embodiment 1 (2007). In simple terms, this is the in-between space marrying polarities of THE HIEROS GAMOS.

THE THIRD THEOREM explains why the  surrounding a new icon is born in thirds: 3 trilogies of 3 texts each.  In accordance with a dream of a new modernism, each is a chapter in an 21st century epic of BECOMING WO/MAN born of THE ALCHEMY OF LOVE that is complete unto itself, just as each chapter in every text is complete, yet integral to the web woven by the text. 

The microcosm reflecting the microcosm. The Möbius strip. The outcome of this struggle for holism of inner/outer is a quantum  literature in which the multiple potential narratives of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle collapse into a path of successive entanglement  — from the experiments of the Underground avant-garde to the spotlight of the literary Lion’s Den.  The purple button on the left below reveals the alchemical process while its  opposite reflection on the right présents the outcome.  



This trilogy of quantum meta fiction foresaw digital layering of text.  The series was launched with Champagne Tango in 1984, continued with Astara is Born (1988) exploring New Age LA and Wolf in the Bottle (1992) propelling a deeper plunge into the psyche via occult study.  

Finally, THE AQUARIAN CONVERSION transcends all boundaries as an ongoing epic on multiple platforms.


This trilogy was launched in 2006 with the Margaret Fuller UUWF Award to write a handbook for the Hieros Gamos.  It evolved into a meta journey combining a personal and collective archeology — from the Mother of American Literature in Woman in the 21st Century to Anatomy of an Icon’s personal deconstruction of the phenomenology of divine being that first manifested as an adolescent in an encounter group — to the adult quest for the Twin Flame Experience.



This quantum trilogy smashes boundaries between disciplines of science, philosophy, archeology and religion.  The titles reveal the progression from historical figures to the global archetypes:  Übermensch:

Nietzsche, Salome & the Ages of Aquarius; The Aphrodite Coverup: Ontology of Cyprus, Island of the Hieros Gamos; and The Ultimate Road Trip: From #MeToo to #WeToo.

The 3 trilogies comprising this epic quest are sourced from a common source — the kundalini awakening. Click titles to participate in the smashing of all literary categories chronicling the continuing Möbius strip journey of the serpent shedding skins in the form of a new multimedia aesthetic wedding text/image.


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Dr. Lisa Streitfeld

The secret to achieving quantum creativity is the complete devotion to aligning the psyche to the cosmos. The reward is the quantum leap into Kairos, in which past/present/future converge in the eternal NOW where all things are possible.

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