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The Domino Effect of Woke Tiredness: Hilaria-ous and the Quantum Wave Collapse

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

This should be Hilaria Baldwin’s final utterance on social media...forever.

Instead it is ....No es mi culpa while being pulled under the crashing quantum wave.

The saga of Hilaria Baldwin is making us all tired — of the prolonged agony of post-postmodernism sustained by Neoliberal identity politics and the political correct Wokeness that has given us the other tired social media narcissist addict — Meghan Markle.

It has transcended social media — to the tabloids, New York Magazine and New York Times in the dull days between Christmas and the New Year when the Twittering throng could use “an end of an era“ rest from social media.

Hilaria’s Instagram response to the above post by Schumer ignited the story.

Hilaria Baldwin has certainly earned herself a long rest after transforming her upper class WASP entitlement into a decade of impersonating a Spanish woman with an on-again, off-again accent establishing her as a crossover media personality and social influencer from the Spanish market to mainstream. Or perhaps it was the other way around....Hard to know once someone become a one-name celebrity...

“My wife is Spanish.” Hilary and Alec Baldwin celebrity power couple based on pretense.

...and that certainly is the idea. As long as the name is not spelled hilarious — whether Hilary or Hilaria.

This media firestorm caught my attention as I was publishing my Cancer Full Moon post in which I reveal a private soul tracking of my father’s spiritual journey which took him to a mountain in India. I was attempting to understand the emotional intensity that I was feeling under a Full Moon on my Mercury in the only way I know....I ended up returning to writing I did in my Master’s thesis on Pholus, which has been hovering on the Midheaven of my natal horoscope. One could say that I am intend on the spilling family wine on yogi posers.


I starting digging into lesser-known Greek myths for a story of conversion. There was indeed to be found a tension of sameness versus radical difference in another centaur, Pholus. The centaurs were as unstable as the orbits of the asteroids bearing their names. Yet, Pholus was gifted in a way that made him, like the healer Chiron, stand out from the tribe of wildly unstable bodies fusing hunter with the beast hunted. One day he had a visitor, the son of Zeus. Heracles had just finished his fourth labor, the capture of the Erymanthian Boar, and entered the centaur’s cave with a wicked thirst. His host was keeper of a cask of wine given to him by Dionysius. This was, in fact, the holiday spirit passed down through three generations. The popping of the cork created chaos. The other centaurs became intoxicated by the smell and rushed up to the cave where Heracles shot them with poisoned arrows. Chiron got wounded in the foot. Pholus attempted to save him and died.

There are three different versions of the myth as to how Hercules came to drink the precious community wine: 1) Pholus refuses to give the Heracles any wine, honoring the communal property of the centaur tribe, and so the thirsty muscleman takes the cask, breaks it open, and guzzles it down; 2) Hercules talks Pholus into giving him the wine; and 3) Pholus enacts the consummate host, offering the wine to Heracles.

These three versions depict the three possible reactions of a host to an unexpected Visitor who brings in a life-changing situation with a pop of a cork. The first is outright refusal. The second is abdication of responsibility by allowing oneself to be strong-armed. The third is a complete and unqualified surrender to the demands of the intruder.

An expanded version reveals the celestial wine as a gift for breaking the tension of opposites. In this story Pholus was given the wine as a pres- ent for resolving an argument between Dionysius (god of wine and ecstasy) and Hephaestus (the Vulcan god of the metallurgical arts.) On one side was the mystical getting lost in the (drunken) experience; on the other is the transference of tension into art. The opposition between Dionysius and Hephaestus could only be resolved through a third solution, the middle path leading to uncertainty—where the awaited future suddenly happens, and events escalate into the cycle of death/rebirth.

Lisa Streitfeld, Hermeneutics of New Modernism (Atropos, 2014, p. 67).



So, Hilaria, I’m grateful for you! Vulnerable Capricorn that you are with Pholus on your Mercury highlighted by the Cancer Full Moon crystallizing the final nail in the coffin of post-postmodernism with its oscillation between opposites stuck between the “lesser of two evils” binary and the hard place of a fixed narcissistic image of exceptionalism.

That is what was portrayed to Hilary Baldwin’s near million Instagram followers: the perfect immigrant celebrity American success story. Let’s look at her astrology. She has an inventive Aquarius Moon seeking equality, despite choosing a husband 23 years her senior.

Let’s look at the horoscope:

I found the birthdate without a birth time, so this is a sunrise chart with her Capricorn Sun on the Ascendent revealing a locomotive chart configuration powered by Mars in Libra conjunct Pluto in Scorpio. This reveals a burning desire to manifest a “power couple“ equal partnership as a defining identity (Saturn in Scorpio). The method is publicity And lots of it given the four planets and South Node (old karma) in Sagittarius, the sign of publicity and publishing. It took a well-crafted image forged in a specific (Hispanic) market to get that high profile publishing deal, achieved by catapulting into the mainstream once her big celebrity prey was hooked by old-fashioned method — pregnancy.

... Lots of births to keep that locomotive going‼️

The Baldwin Woke Family: Four kids and another on the way.

And wow😜‼️

This chart spells out ... an icon of a paradigm shift out of the post-postmodern wild swinging between the opposites —nonstop Instagram images linking toned woke and tanned yoga mother with exotic raven-haired trophy wife. Her delusional Neptune/Mercury tight out-of-sign conjunction ignites the Domino Effect .... coming into the harsh spotlight during a slow news break in the eclipse season of the greatest cultural shift of the 21st century: the Pholus ignited CANCER FULL MOON hitting the midpoint of her Capricorn Sun and Mercury.

The Domino Effect and Locomotive shape chart converge with Hilaria Baldwin ... the November 30 solar eclipse on her Venus started the Domino Effect ... concluding on her January 6 birthday. First, Neptune acting on the natural duality of Mercury in her bilingual claim (‘I grew up with two languages,‘ she explains). Only 2 degrees separatemthe two planets, the merging across signs indicates making good on a wish fulfillment.


Followed by Jupiter with two more degrees of separation. This is where you truly can take on another culture. I have this conjunction as well, except the sign is Scorpio, ruling other’s values, rather than national identity.


Next is Uranus, which is a far larger 16 degrees of séparation from Jupiter . Uranus in Sagittarius is about truth, revelatory truth, and its position five degrees from Venus, reveals this individual having a significant role to play in the cultural grain reacting against the inevitable...


Finally, Venus....eclipsed! 🌚🌝 The return of objective truth with the Great Conjunction in Aquarius occurs under the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse falling on her Jupiter after the Solar Eclipse fell on her Venus.


It looks like the Baldwin family wine just got uncorked and the ravenous gossip media has followed the scent. They descend on the Baldwin’s Instagram 6perfect marriage, intent on pick it apart like vultures to establish an archeology of the Power Couple during a paradigm shift.

An eclipse on Venus shines a spotlight on what is hidden in a relationship. This puts her famous movie star husband into the harsh glare of truth right beside her. Not just any movie star, but a born again as woke comic who achieved a new career impersonating President Trump on Saturday Night Live. Truth is demanded by his Venus/Mars in Aquarius.

So, let’s look at his natal chart:

Alec’s descendent (partner) is highlighted by the Great Conjunction giving him a fixed cross (in red). With Pluto progressing to the Descendent while Saturn opposes Uranus before approaching Mars, the marriage will come under a great deal of stress In the next two years as his stardom faces a sudden decline, along with the family income.

Mr. Baldwin will feel increasingly trapped by all those kids, that will be viewed by a skeptical public as publicity props insuring a safety raft from the Domino Effect of Hilaria’s long con, made into a shorter con by the inevitable (North Node in Gemini) book deal “Hilaria” capitalizing on her viral feat of becoming a single name, giving her a celebrity apart from her famous husband.

Alec’s vulnerable Saturn (ruling career as an actor 5th House) on her Jupiter eclipsed (circled in Green)! The chart is incredibly accurate in revealing that his creative product (Saturn in Fifth House) reveals the Truth (transiting Uranus in his elevated South Node in the 10th House of reputation) of his trophy marriage projecting the Hieros Gamos (Jupiter/Neptune/North Node in Scorpio, sign of marriage). This is the phenomenology of the blonde children exhibiting no trace of Spanish blood that his wife claims for herself.


Alec Baldwin’s career (Saturn) was revived by impersonating Trump as Hilaria’s celebrity soared by association. lifestyle expert took off by means of impersonating an exotic but very well spoken foreign born self-made American success story!

The height of authentic irony in this sudden and dramatic fall from the heights of social media into to the laughing stock that Alec Baldwin made of Trump the past for years. The would-be common denominator between the impersonator and his subject is the sexy foreign trophy wife. The unmasking of the Truth about the Baldwin marriage reveals just about everything about the post-postmodern epoch highlighted by closure under this Cancer Full Moon...

The immoral cesspool of the Néolibéral prolonged  “there is no absolute truth” postmodernism giving rise to another decade of oscillating between opposites of the

there is no absolute center“ of the post-postmodernism.

The hot air has gone out of this show-off marriage to reveal a classic case of narcissistic co-dependency — one, or both, partners propping up the other’s delusion of grandeur within a mutual created structure of perfect Union.

Considering the long-term effect of eclipses — particularly hitting Saturn, ruler of the career — there is a major question hovering over this outsized media couple like an alien spaceship:

What and when did Alec know?

Listen to Dr. Grande’s view that Hilaria Baldwin is on the way to becoming an actor.

Dr. Lisa Streitfeld is a Kulturindustrie theorist who delivered astrology as the apparatus of hermeneutics into continental philosophy. See her other blog interpreting cosmic events:

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