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Paris Hilton: Summing up the “Male Gaze” in 750 Words

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

I started writing this post last week and didnt finish it because I could not stand to watch THIS IS PARIS.

Intriguing juxtaposition of comments between Aquarians from opposite sides of the socialite spectrum. Guess which one got the 48K LIKES and the one who got none?

After trying to watch more last night before falling asleep, I had a dream of Paris sipping wine on a floating chair in a pool saying she wrote 750 words, the length of an Op-Ed piece. I was in the dream talking to her, but obviously she was me, the socialite part of my personality that wants to get away with the least amount of work so I can treat life as a permanent vacation.

So, I will wrap this 750 satisfy my inner Paris Hilton intent on giving Saturn, God of Karma, the minimum demanded to retain my position as cultural critic, so I can head out to drift in open waters with a glass of wine.

By releasing her documentary as a YouTube original at no cost prompting a round of YouTube interviews and analysis, Paris seems is trying to get a jump on Saturn entering Aquarius. Her inflated lips in a perpetual pout are accompanied by the voice of a new seriousness.

We get the picture. She is actively engaged in an image if her entire Paris Hilton brand with its trademark “THAT’S HOT” depends on it...

...which it does!

In covering her bases to rise to a newfound respectability as trauma victim and advocate, Paris has even admitted feeling guilt over young girls becoming obsessed with her Barbie Doll image:

“Now I see the little girls who are nine years old, ten years old... they're trying to get the perfect selfie, they're putting the filters on, they can't even look at themselves in the phone without putting a filter.“

While her emotional age is self-acknowledged as pubescent (“My mom treats me like I’m twelve, so I am literally forever a teenager in my mind”) dropping the little girl voice to reveal the source of her trauma gives the impression of a new seriousness and grounding belied by her cosmetically enhanced Barbie Doll image.

Judging from the comments, her fans fell for the new gravity delivered with a perpetual pout through Botox lips. There is a ready narrative here rooted in a lesson from David Letterman in one of his most memorable interviews as he grilled Paris Hilton on her jail time. “In all seriousness now, this could be your legacy...your contribution to the young people of this country,” he insisted.

”I’m here for my clothing line, my movie, and perfume...” she told him.

Now the media has a new gift from Paris Hilton: a narrative fitting right into trauma victim/survivor identity politics complete with joining #breakingcodesilence .... a cause gaining her some serious ink.

What might have convinced me of her seriousness would have been a demonstration of her actual interest in the 19 products she is pushing via her social media presence. Maybe on her global travels, she visits the jungles of Laos to experience natural weaving ... or becomes inspired by the earthy hue of stones found on the beach in Mykonos — her first vacation in years complete with camera crew — for a new product line? Maybe there could have been a scene of her pouring over earnings reports to confirm that Paris Hilton is in command of her Paris Hilton empire...

Not a chance! Paris Hilton’s interest is solely about ....Paris Hilton retaining her status as Queen of the celebrity influencer limelight.

In a show of naked ambition divorced from any emotional center in her “real” monotone tone of speech, she claims to have frozen her eggs so she can have a child named London Hilton.

Paris Hilton’s natal horoscope reveals she has no planets in Earth signs. The compensation for this deep insecurity regarding her self-worth (South Node conjunct Venus in the second house of value) is sourced in her image as a media cipher (Mars in Pisces at the apex of a Yod with Jupiter/Saturn and Moon/North Node in 8th house of OPM — other people’s money). By this transparent mode of selling the public a prolonged engagement with the celebrated male gaze long after its sell date, self worth is assessed strictly through Late Capitalism capitalization — quantity over quality.

The numbers accumulated in social media followers translates into $$ in sales of cheap products identified strictly through This is Paris branding. Ultimately, the success of the documentary in humanizing a media cypher through self-revelation of trauma only serves to heighten the public interest keeping her stuck in her role as influencer pushing the Male Gaze .....where does it end?

One place where we know it will not end is by Paris withdrawing from her place on the pedestal — moving from an image of blonde perfection to a cosmetically enhanced mask of blonde trauma survivor — to embark on the difficult journey of inwardly freeing herself from her family karma legacy that fuels the interest in her two aunts dissembling the Male Gaze on reality TV.

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