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The Revenge of Eris: The Harry & Meghan Saga

Mars entered Gemini, the sign of the media as well as the lovers. The terrible duo splashed over the tabloids sums up the Mars trigger to the June eclipses in Gemini/Sagittarius, where the Truth will be finally confronted.

Under a timing so precise it could only be set by Saturn’s timekeeper, the Oprah interview in discussion for two years finally happened. The Oprah interview airing over the entire circled the world in a span of two days (March 7-8) stripping bare the archetype of Eris, goddess of discord, seeking only the percent vessel for her torment since her 2005 discovery demoting Pluto.

The London interview airing could have not been more contentious. Eros on the Descendent in tense square to the Midheaven and the IC/Moon conjunction aligned with Meghan’s Ascendent/Descendent axis at 24 Cancer/Capricorn (see natal chart below). This placement insures the Interview will be the most notorious of the modern era, with fallout for years to come. Pluto and Eris are the slowest moving bodies in the solar system, are in a tense square until Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024.

What was undisclosed was the compromised position of the interviewer, which made the sit-down all about branding for their new enterprise: a mental health series Oprah and Harry are producing fir Apple TV. H&M are putting out the word: we are telling our story and providing opportunity to others to do the same through our multimillion dollar platform. The problem is that sensationalism is held in much higher regard than truth and their story seems to be the only story that matters. The only virtue they are signaling through this debacle is the Neo-Liberal collapsing. This is revealed in the Eris discovery chart.

As the astrology reveals, her scheme reached its apex under the Moon Wobble...the Sun conjunct Neptune square the Nodes. This lights up Harry’s chart. The eclipse will reveal what he refuses to face: the Truth about how his identity was destroyed and he was used to fulfill an agenda which isn’t about mental health, or telling stories, but his celebrity born with entitlement making his wife the most famous woman in the world.

She wanted to be the person who broke the Internet. And now she has done it,

The earth will continue shaking until the Gemini Eclipses as the myth unfolds connecting Meghan with Diana, except it isn’t the paparazzi as the hounds chasing Meghan but the core of Diana’s myth — Adonis torn apart by his own hounds as punishment for spying the naked Goddess.

The Hieros Gamos icon entering the collective under the collapsed quantum wave taking down pretenders,

To finish my Astro analysis that began on the Royal wedding of Harry and Meghan in 2018, and focusing on the Yod that the world’s latest ‘power couple’ projection the emerging Hieros Gamos archetype.

As I went back to edit the above sentence with difficulty,I realized that I just hit on the Shadow. Because it wasn’t what I had earlier thought the Shadow was: the woman who insists on privacy insisting on flooding the world with media in her name.

Now I can see now that the game this Leo is playing now is an extension of the game she played to break tradition and get the never-married Harry into a legal marriage with a divorcee.

This clearly had the effect of history repeating itself, with Edward VII abdicating so he could marry his American divorcee. The association served to raise the level of projection and with it the level of Harry’s importance to the Crown.

So this is about conscious myth creation, which is made clear by the a Yod that slow traveling Neptune has made with Markle’s Stellium in Libra sextile the North Node/Mercury/Sun in the First House of the Self.

Neptune obscures. So to determine what is real and what is myth, we have to examine the Sun. Meghan’s Leo Sun in the first House is born with the expectation of a crown in the head. The challenge is creating the path to getting it.

This is where we have to distinguish between the Sun as Ego and the Sun as the Self, which is Jung’s term for the 21st century archetype thar Wolfgang PaulI called the Hieros Gamos.

This was being set up with Oprah for two years — a projection of the cosmos set up in Pluto moving to Meghan’s Descendent, bringing her ambition into the public. This year is the first time Pluto has gone into new terrain beyond the 23 Capricorn of its retrograde station in 2020; on January 4, the planet of destruction, death and rebirth went over Markle’s descendent (24.17♑️) while squaring Eris (23.27♈️).

This is extreme public! This Eris/Pluto concoction is the monster Meghan summoned with her attacks on the monarchy. Meghan‘s impersonating Diana will result in the sacrifice of Diana’s son, as foretold by her natal horoscope (7th house ruled by Pluto conjunct Juno/Libra squaring transiting Pluto from the 4th House of home). Transiting Pluto, with its trail of destruction, brings an evil struggle for balance, thereby transforming the deep insecurity of the natal cardinal T-Square (in red) into a Cardinal Grand Cross with Eris on her Midheaven. Her monstrous ambition (Moon/Saturn/Jupiter) square Mars in Cancer in the 12 House is to become the most famous personality in the world, no matter what the price. the downward spiral comes from her Mars in the worst possible position, in Cancer (the sign of the red planet’s fall), in the 12th House house of self-undoing. This fated Mars reveals just how badly the good feminist intentions can go when there is no feminine wisdom guiding the actions.

What good can come of the saga of Harry and Meghan the media constantly has to kick in our faces. How easy it has become to create a vision of the Hieros Gamos but the hard work it takes to make it real. The breakdown of so many marriages into the duality of narcissist/victim reveals that opposites attract. The icon of the 21st century is entering the collective consciousness — if only by a state of desire for the imagined that cannot manifest as reality due to the lack of consciousness.

The Yod (marked in Gteen above) triggered, as it was on March 7-8 for Harry and Meghan, is where the shaky foundations of the ego-fueled enterprise falls apart at levels so insidious and deep that it takes an eclipse to unveil the Truth.

Helen Lewis, UK correspondent for The Atlantic sums up Les Enfants Terribles challenge ahead:

The problem for Meghan and Harry is that their beef with the House of Windsor is currently the most interesting thing about them. Their inaugural Spotify podcast, recorded over the holiday season, was a bland patchwork of inspirational quotes from their celebrity friends. Their other ventures have yet to bear fruit—Oprah plugged her mental-health documentary with Harry for Apple, something of a conflict of interest—and the couple’s Archewell Foundation website is riddled with NGO-speak, calling for “a groundswell of real acts of compassion for the women in your life and in your community.” As a country, Britain is less tolerant than the U.S. of vaulting ambition and conspicuous philanthropy, and particularly of the two in concert; we are on the lookout for people “getting above themselves.” Britain is also intolerant of famous people who forget what they are famous for. (Think of the actors who make their names—and their millions—doing frothy rom-coms, before complaining that they are never asked to play Hamlet.) In the minds of many Britons, no matter the depth of her personal suffering, Meghan has been tried and convicted of ingratitude.

This is all confounding without the astrology revealing the ultimate truth based on natural law: the gods don’t care about the destruction they cause to humans; the gods, i.e. the planetary energies, only seek to be expressed through the human.

Eris has certainly found her vessels in Harry and Meghan.

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